The Land Remembers

Up until now, the history of the Original Nations of this land called America were                                                                             hidden, veiled from the consciousness of the people who lived there.    

Though, when you walk among the grasses along the coulee, and wade through                                                                                             the cattails listening to the thrushes, you often hear memories which are not so                                                                                                    much of the past but of the future. The lands, Turtle Island, keep these memories                                                                                               and if you listen without imposing thought, you can hear them.

When I was five years old....


Gift of the Stars

There are 100 trillion cells that make up the body, and each cell has 100                                                                                                 trillion autism and each cep lines grin distant stars if different galaxies                                                                                                      from the unknown universe.                      

Therefore there is no word for 'human being' in the Lakota language and                                                                                                          we have always called ourselves Wicasa. Rica is star and Sa is like a gift.

We are gifts of the Star Nations and in our creation story have always                                                                                                  known ourselves as Star Beings.